Why I’m Writing A Book & Giving It Away For Free

I was running errands the other day, and I ran into an old acquaintance. Our conversation made me decide to write a book and give it away for free. Here’s the conversation:

Me:“Hey, how’s it going?”
Him:“Good man, how about you?”

Me:“Pretty good, thanks. How’s work going?”
Him:“It’s good, you know, not where I want to be really, but just waiting for something better to come along.”

Me:“Are you looking into any other opportunities?”
Him:“Yeah, but nothing’s really out there right now, but what can you do? My last job didn’t pay well, but I enjoyed work. Now I’m kind of in the opposite position. I hate waking up in the morning, but at least I’m paid well.”

Here’s an excerpt from my book that encapsulates my thoughts from this conversation:

“In America, we’re encouraged to go to school, graduate college, and find a job in our field of choice. If you get a well-paying job in your field, you’re supposed to feel like you’ve made it—like you’re one of the lucky ones, even if you hate your job. We’re taught that the road to success is a one-way street fighting traffic to get to a predetermined destination, trying not to crash along the way. Your success does not have to be dependent on other people. You don’t have to decide between loving your job and building wealth—you can achieve both.”

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