Which Social Media Platforms Should You Focus On?

Quality over Quantity

It’s almost a certainty that every small business I consult for will ask me how to set up their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, etc.… Continue Reading >

5 Tips for Faster Blogging

5 Tips for Faster Blogging

How many times have you started writing a blog post, and halfway through you realized you’ve written yourself into a wall or lost your train of thought, or worse, realized you organized it all wrong and have to restructure and start over?… Continue Reading >

Sell the Outcome, Not the Benefits or Features.

Sell the Outcome

In college, it was drilled into my head pretty hard that when selling, you are to sell the benefits, not the features.… Continue Reading >

How to Increase Headline Clicks

with great headlines comes great clickability

Headlines are one of the most underrated elements of blogging. They’re often afterthoughts, or even just generically written and slapped on top before starting to write.… Continue Reading >

How to Catch ‘Em All—What Pokémon Taught Me About Marketing

Go Where Your Customers Are

When I was 10, Pokemon was all the rage. 100% of the rage.

If you don’t know what Pokemon is, it is (or at least was, I don’t know now) a trading card game with magical animals that you collect and battle with.… Continue Reading >

Why You Should Price Based On Value

Build Trust. Price based on value

The common fear of charging what your product is worth is that you’ll lose out on sales from customers who won’t pay a higher price, even though you know what your product is worth.… Continue Reading >