How to Catch ‘Em All—What Pokémon Taught Me About Marketing

Go Where Your Customers Are

When I was 10, Pokemon was all the rage. 100% of the rage.

If you don’t know what Pokemon is, it is (or at least was, I don’t know now) a trading card game with magical animals that you collect and battle with.… Continue Reading >

Why You Should Price Based On Value

Build Trust. Price based on value

The common fear of charging what your product is worth is that you’ll lose out on sales from customers who won’t pay a higher price, even though you know what your product is worth.… Continue Reading >

Focus On One Goal

Make Decisions Based on One Goal

When growing an online business or blog, there are so many different internal goals that fight for your attention. Between these goals, it’s hard to know how to divide your time to get the best results.… Continue Reading >

11 Kindle Ebook Ranking and Marketing Hacks for Amazon


I recently launched my first ebook, It’s Time to Start (download it free here).

Results: My Kindle ebook ranking was #1 in the Small Business category for free books, 3 of the 5 days during the giveaway period, as well as hitting #4 in Business and Money, and #6 in Entrepreneurship.… Continue Reading >

Talking Consistency with Noah Kagan

Picture of Noah Kagan and Dustin Lien

First of all, Noah Kagan is kind of a beast in the gym.

Here’s a picture of him and me after a gym session in Santa Monica recently (how do you type an up arrow?).… Continue Reading >

The Benefits of Teaching Everything You Know


I was talking to a business owner the other day about communication with marketing clients, and he told me he tries to be very general and vague with them so they don’t learn his “secrets.”

He feared that if he gave away his tactics, his clients would discontinue service with his agency and do the marketing themselves.… Continue Reading >

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