Focus On One Goal

Make Decisions Based on One Goal

When growing an online business or blog, there are so many different internal goals that fight for your attention. Between these goals, it’s hard to know how to divide your time to get the best results. I suggest you focus on one goal at a time, and make decisions based on that goal.

I had a really good reminder of this principle last week when I launched the landing page for my upcoming book and course, Master Marketing.

Email marketing is proven to be the number one way to engage with a targeted audience online, and it’s the best vehicle for me to provide value to my blog readers, so my current goal is to grow the newsletter list. That means before every project I start or decision I make, I need to ask myself whether or not it will increase newsletter subscriptions. This helps keep me focused on my one big goal.

The landing page for my course had an email sign up form at the bottom offering free content from the upcoming course, but didn’t offer anything tangible at the time of signing up. The form converted pretty terribly.

Picture of my previous opt in form

I looked back at what I did on the landing page for my previous book, It’s Time to Start, which so far has been the greatest source of newsletter subscriptions.

I quickly realized that the reason the form converted so well for my last book was that I promised to offer the book for free to newsletter subscribers. People like free stuff, and they like free valuable stuff even more. To take it a step further, people like instant, free, valuable stuff.

I took a step back to look at the Master Marketing form, and evaluate what else I could offer in return for the reader’s email address (which should always be viewed as a transaction). The book and course are going to be very valuable and provide marketing training that could help the purchasers make exponentially more money with their businesses, so giving the entire course away for free is not an option. But, giving away some of it is an option, and that would help me make this project something that will keep me focused on my one goal—growing the newsletter list.

Since the book isn’t finished yet, I can’t offer it instantly for free, so I decided to offer it for free when it’s finished, plus offer instant access to the Start a Side Project While Working Full Time course. The form is converting much better, and it’s helping me build buzz for the Master Marketing course as a whole, which will include paid video courses, worksheets and templates (you can see this updated form in all its glory at the bottom of this page).

In theory, I would miss out on a little bit of profit in the short term by giving the book away for free (I was planning on a price point of around $39 because the value of information is going to be high), but by offering the book for free to newsletter subscribers, I’ll be able to grow a larger list which will provide a larger audience for me to market to. At the end of the day, this one change in strategy will be in my interest of building my list, and probably financially as well. The free book will also provide more value to my newsletter list. Win, win.

**Update on why the book and course aren’t happening, right now at least: What to do when your idea is invalidated**

Always keep one main goal in mind when making decisions, and you’ll grow your business much faster.

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