Decisions—The Proof is in the Pudding


Which door do you choose?

Should you take the blue pill or the red pill?

Decisions will make and break us as entrepreneurs.Continue Reading >

Stress-free Productivity: How to remember every task, do focused work, and control your environment

stress free productivity

This is a 3-part series on being more productive with your work, and eliminating stress at the same time. It’s all too common of a stereotype, especially with entrepreneurs, that we have to be miserable and overwhelmed to come out successful on the other side.… Continue Reading >

Dealing with Fear of Failure

fear of failure

The number one reason people don’t start businesses is fear. Fear is paralyzing.

It’s the voice in your head telling you you’ll fail and run out of money.Continue Reading >

How A Blog Landed Me a Job with an Upgraded Title & a $12k/year Salary Increase

blogging is leverage

I was pretty confident, but how confident can you really be when you have no way of gauging your competition?

I was interviewing for a marketing position at a $30 million/year company, and I was already coming in late to the interview process.… Continue Reading >

13 Reasons to Blog Regularly and Write Daily

blog regularly

Frequent writing has been praised scientifically and by raw word of mouth by entrepreneurs and great thinkers for generations. In the time we currently live in, we’re blessed with technology that not only allows us to easily write and document what we write, but also to share it with the world.… Continue Reading >

Value-based & Cognitive Decision Making, and How to Cure Insanity

rough sea

Do you know what the literal antonym of the word, “rational” is? Insanity. And if that’s the case, we’ve all gone mad.… Continue Reading >

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