Decisions—The Proof is in the Pudding


Which door do you choose?

Should you take the blue pill or the red pill?

Decisions will make and break us as entrepreneurs.Continue Reading >

When a Juggler Drops a Ball


I tried juggling the other day and it didn’t go well.

It’s weird though, because when I throw one ball up in the air it’s pretty easy to catch.… Continue Reading >

You are the Silversmith, and the Silver is You.

you are the silversmith

In biblical times, a silversmith would have to go through an extremely intricate and sensitive process for purifying silver. Particularly when making jewelry for a wealthy customer, quality was of the utmost importance.… Continue Reading >

Taking Ownership is the Only Way to Level Up


How often do you catch yourself blaming other people and other circumstances when your business isn’t growing or something goes wrong?… Continue Reading >

What’s more important, wins or losses?

success vs failure


We (or at least I) romanticize it so much that when small successes happen, it’s easy to look right past them because nothing’s ever good enough to live up to the expectations we’ve set for ourselves.… Continue Reading >

How to Deal With Haters & Trolls

how to deal with haters and trolls

Don’t drink the HATERade! Doesn’t taste good.

No matter what you say or do, there will be people who agree, people who disagree, and people who are indifferent.… Continue Reading >

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