2015 Year in Review & 2016 Goals

2015 year in review strategic sauce

This is my second year doing a year-in-review post (you can read 2014 here if you fancy), and it’s interesting how vastly different this year was compared to last year.… Continue Reading >

How to Get Lucky


Not that kind of lucky, you pervert.

I’m talking about lucky in business and in life. First off, being lucky has nothing to do with rabbits’ feet or destiny.… Continue Reading >

The Low-risk Online Business Challenge

Low-risk Online Business Challenge

When pondering my goals for 2015, I knew I wanted to start a new business that would bring in dependable income every month, since right now my income is very scattered through consulting and digital products.… Continue Reading >

2014 Year in Review & 2015 Goals

2014 year in review image

This is my first of what I expect to be many year-in-review posts. It’s really for my own introspection and reflection on what went well this year, what didn’t, and what I want to accomplish next year.… Continue Reading >

Why I’m Writing A Book & Giving It Away For Free

I was running errands the other day, and I ran into an old acquaintance. Our conversation made me decide to write a book and give it away for free.… Continue Reading >

After 30 Days Of Blogging

After 30 Days of Blogging

After 30 days of blogging here, I exceeded some goals and completely missed others. The important thing is that I started, and now I have data to assess what went well and what did not.… Continue Reading >

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