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Scenario 1 You’re in a guitar shop trying to decide which guitar to buy, and a random person you’ve never met and know nothing about walks over to you and offers his advice on which guitar you should get and why. You half listen to what he’s saying while silently wishing he’d leave you alone…

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Decisions—The Proof is in the Pudding


Which door do you choose? Should you take the blue pill or the red pill? Decisions will make and break us as entrepreneurs. Scratch that—decisions will make and break us as humans. Notice I didn’t say “make or break” us. Decisions do both, because humans are flawed and we don’t always make the right decisions…

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When a Juggler Drops a Ball


I tried juggling the other day and it didn’t go well. It’s weird though, because when I throw one ball up in the air it’s pretty easy to catch. Even when I throw two, it’s still pretty easy. Admittedly I have to focus a little more and not let my mind wander too much, but…

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You are the Silversmith, and the Silver is You.

you are the silversmith

In biblical times, a silversmith would have to go through an extremely intricate and sensitive process for purifying silver. Particularly when making jewelry for a wealthy customer, quality was of the utmost importance. We have all kinds of tools and technology now that make the process much easier and predictable, but back then it took…

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Stress-free Productivity: How to remember every task, do focused work, and control your environment

stress free productivity

This is a 3-part series on being more productive with your work, and eliminating stress at the same time. It’s all too common of a stereotype, especially with entrepreneurs, that we have to be miserable and overwhelmed to come out successful on the other side. Like a right of passage or something. Well, that’s just…

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Taking Ownership is the Only Way to Level Up


How often do you catch yourself blaming other people and other circumstances when your business isn’t growing or something goes wrong? Whether you have employees that work for you or you’re a solopreneur, there’s one theme that stands true: Everything comes back to you. I already know this article is going to cause controversy, but…

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