How to Choose a Business Partner

mutual respect

Note: Start-up money is not a reason to pick someone as a business partner. Those people are called investors.

The first thing to do is decide if having a business partner will actually benefit you.… Continue Reading >

When to Work for Free

only work for free if it provides you value

Value can come in a lot of different forms, most of which lead back to making money. I’ve written previously about how your time is valuable (you can read that post HERE), and it is, but there are times when it’s ok to work for no money.… Continue Reading >

Why I’m Writing A Book & Giving It Away For Free

I was running errands the other day, and I ran into an old acquaintance. Our conversation made me decide to write a book and give it away for free.… Continue Reading >

You Should Be More Selfish

Your time is valuable, learn to say no

People often ask me to “take a quick look” at their website and give them feedback or help them design a simple logo for their side project.… Continue Reading >

After 30 Days Of Blogging

After 30 Days of Blogging

After 30 days of blogging here, I exceeded some goals and completely missed others. The important thing is that I started, and now I have data to assess what went well and what did not.… Continue Reading >

The Double Life Of An Entrepreneur

Starting a side project or a business can feel like you’re living a double life, especially if you work 40 hours/week for another company like the common entrepreneur does in the early stages.… Continue Reading >