Today’s My Bday, Let’s Do Something Cool


My mother birthed me 28 years ago today, and well, let’s all just say what we’re thinking… God bless Momma Lien! For my birthday, I want to do something that matters to the world, and support something bigger than just me. Since it’s my 28th birthday, I want to see if we can raise $1,028…

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Biz Lessons #4: Speed is Greater Than Perfection

The pursuit of perfection in our work more often than not leads to procrastination, or worse, never completing projects or launching new ideas because we want it to be “just right.” Don’t get caught seeking perfection, just get it 90% of the way there and make tweaks as you go after the launch. Go Subscribe…

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Biz Lessons #3: Do More of What’s Working, Eliminate Everything Else

The harsh reality is that time is finite. We don’t have unlimited hours to work, so it’s imperative that we learn to focus our time and resources on the efforts and tactics that matter the most, and eliminate all else like a savage. Go Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

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Biz Lessons #2: Have a Clear Goal, Reverse Engineer It

Setting goals is no new discovery, but it’s still so common for people to do it wrong. Yes, you can set goals incorrectly, and it will sabotage your end result. Let’s talk about how to do it right, and why it’s important. Go Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

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Biz Lessons #1: Don’t Hope, Make it So

When you have a result you’re trying to accomplish, what actions can you take to make sure you achieve it instead of just hoping you do? Go Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

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Top 10 Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs on a Budget

top marketing tools for entrepreneurs

Probably the biggest struggle for most new entrepreneurs is starting or growing a business without much financial resources…aka money. Dealing with money sucks! Actually I take that back—dealing with a lack of money sucks. Money is a fun subject when you actually start making it. So, how do you get your biz going and growing…

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